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It is one thing to be equipped; it is a totally different thing to be ready to put the equipment to work. Our Focal Scripture says that David approached Goliath, sling in hand. He was battle ready with his weapon in his hand.

Child of God, after putting on the whole armour of God, stand! Face your fears. Put the weapons of your warfare to work. God is ready to give you victory but you have to be ready to let Him work through your hands. Are your hands battle-ready?

Just like David was proud of his sling; do not despise your weapons. It could be a talent, gift or skill. Unleash it. Do not hide it. Always be ready at any time to put what God has given you to good use. Your hands have not empty.

No matter the size of the Goliath standing against you, God has put the weapon that will destroy him in your hands. The devil does not announce his onslaughts. You have to live prepared. A sling in hand is a victory in sight. Remember, . . . be instant in season, out of season (2 Timothy 4:2).

Declare With Me: I live ready. I’m always ready. I will still live ready.

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Written by: Daniel Chidiebere Asonye

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