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In the 33rd verse of the chapter of our text, Saul had told David that he was not able (fit, trained, qualified, experienced enough, equipped enough, good enough) to fight Goliath. He underrated and as well berated a young man God was lifting. Human judgement, how erroneous!

Child of God, I don’t know on whose ratings you are currently operating. I don’t know who told you what you are capable or incapable of certain things in your life. Here’s the word of God unto you today: it will happen by your hands! You will still accomplish what God has inspired you to do.

You will win that battle; write that book; make that trip; complete that project; go back to school; win that tournament; build that house; start that business; recover your loss; etc . . . it will happen by your hands! Even if you’ve failed before now, get back to God, destiny has an appointment with your hands.

What God has ordained to happen by your hands cannot be altered or abolished by human judgement. Just like David, take the necessary steps; do what you have to do and Be HOPEAssured that with the backing of God, what seems impossible before men will happen by your hands.

Declare With Me: God’s got me. Nothing is impossible for my hands to accomplish. Amen!

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Written by: Daniel Chidiebere Asonye

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