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Be Hope Assured


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“. . . If God could see hope in your crises then it is not as bad as it seems. There is hope for you!” – Pastor Daniel. 

HOPE is one of the greatest yet the most-endangered virtues of life. Hope Attack is worse than heart attack! In this generation where the devil has launched a great onslaught against man’s hope; hopelessness looms everywhere and in every sector of life – family, health, economy, etc. Terrorism, sicknesses, natural disasters, wars, economic hardship, losses of different kinds, sin, addiction, heartbreaks, etc. are a few avenues through which hope comes under attack today.

In this great book, God, through Pastor Daniel unraveled great mysteries for you with foundations just from three verses of the Scripture.


In the words of Pastor Daniel in this book; Many cut-down trees (lives) fill our societies today . . . some circumstances cut them down . . . The good news is that God cares so much about you in your present cut-down state. Men may focus on what has become of the log of wood lying helplessly down at the corner but God focuses on the potentials within your stock. What was cut is your trunk. Be HOPEAssured! Men, including you may not see any future in/with you; but God is already counting the exploits that will come again from your life . . . It does not matter what has cut you down in any area of your life . . . it does not matter the age of your root in the ground. No matter how bad or fast it ages and “. . . wax old in the earth . . .” you are still relevant in God’s plan contrary to what your situation says . . . God saw in a tree that is already cut down, opportunities and potentials to sprout again. He also saw the resources to sustain ceaseless tender branch production resident within the same cut down tree . . . If God could see Hope in your crises then it is not as bad as it seems; Be HOPEAssured.

 If you live in this world in this present time, this book was written for you. 


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