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 Stagnation is a wicked spiritual force that resists progress and keeps a thing from moving forward. It afflicts nations, families, individual businesses as well as corporate entities. One thing is certain about stagnation – wherever it is at work, nothing moves forward no matter the level of activities recorded there. 


Stagnation is real. Activity does not mean progress. Nobody likes stagnation but many today are still held down by this wicked force, which tends to frustrate their efforts to move forward. Your journey in every endeavor of life must encounter the wicked forces of the devil trying to keep you stuck at a particular point for too long. God has made great provisions for you to overcome all satanic forces trying to keep you and your business at the same spot. 

 Stagnation has no power over you. You must break free into the reality of God’s growth expectations for you: from strength to strength; from glory to glory; and from more to more. That is what God is set to accomplish in your life through His escape routes as contained in this book. 

 In an unusual insightful manner, God, through Pastor Daniel x-raying the first eleven verses of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Luke; provides for us tools that are required to conquer business stagnation. Do not allow stagnation oppose or resist you into extinction. Get ready to fight it with the divine prescriptions in this book. These prescriptions will work anywhere and in any aspect of your life when applied.


  1. Bethel Williams

    There are not small books that carry big inspirations like this book. I took a copy on my trip to Canada and have been inspired line for line. The author took his time to bring into reality the truth that success in business can be achieved only if you follow the principles that this book provides. I highly recommend this book to anyone who requires a paradigm shift in business.

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