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God has been awesome beyond comprehension, enjoy some of His faithful visitations in the life of our brethren.
You are Next in Line!

Miracle Baby after Several Miscarriages

“I want to give God thanks for what He has done in my life. I and my wife have suffered the case of miscarriages for some time before a brother from this ministry introduced us to Pastor Daniel. He came to our house after my wife had a painful miscarriage and I expected him to even pray for us because that is what a man of God should do seeing the prevailing condition we were in. But on the contrary, he only made a decree saying, “It will never happen again!” and he left our house. And that was it! It never happened again. After that, my wife took in and today we have our son with us. I return all the Glory to God”Bro. Onyeka U.

Yoke of Joblessness Destroyed

“I return all the glory back to the Almighty God who alone has done this marvellous thing for me. The truth has indeed set me free. A neighbour invited me to Taberah via the Ministry’s Newsletter. I came here believing that God will meet me at the point of my need. Praise God, the yoke of 4 years and 3 months of joblessness is destroyed.

“Before now, all efforts to secure a job never worked out.  It has been disappointments all over. But lo and behold, the God of Taberah met my need and His fire burnt in my favour and destroyed joblessness. After the program on Sunday April 7, 2013; I keyed into the word of God through the servant of God, Pastor Daniel that there are Treasures in Darkness. So I began to command my job in that jobless situation to come out.

“Friends the next day which was on Monday evening, I saw 13 Missed Calls on my phone.  I called back and I was invited for an interview the next day being Tuesday. Praise God, today, I am now a staff of a multinational company. I’m so grateful to the God of Rhema Inexhaustible Ministries“Sis. Joy A.

19 Years Eyesight Disorder Destroyed

I want to bless the name of the Lord for healing and clearing my sight. For the past 19 years of my life, I have suffered an eye defect that made me not to see far or distant objects clearly but when I went to see Pastor Daniel, he saw me with my glasses on and asked if they were medicated  and I answered, ‘yes’. He responded by saying that I don’t need the glasses anymore that I will walk out of his house without it.

“He gave me a plain sheet of paper and pen and without my glasses on, he asked me to fill every space on the pages with the words, “I am beautiful, my eyesight is good”. I did that and he asked me to read it all out to myself for three times, saying that the Bible says that I shall have whatsoever I say. I obeyed and that was how I came out of his house with my eyes healed and cleared. I went home without using the glasses. Till now, my eyesight has remained good and I no longer use those glasses again. I return all the glory to God”Sis. Augusta A.

Life and Business Stagnation Destroyed

“Before I joined this ministry, my business was stagnated and not doing well. I began to attend the Business Fellowship Meetings where we heard Word-based teachings on how we should profitably do our businesses, and I began to apply the teachings to my daily business life. Also, the Word of God from the Wednesdays’ HOPEAssured! services has also destroyed hopelessness in my life. My mentality is now changed because the Word of God is power! Now, my life and business have taken a new progressive shape. I return all the glory to God”Bro. David E.

Healed of Stooling, Chest and Back Pains

”On the morning of Tuesday April 16th, I had a stomach upset and was stooling [diarrhoea]. There was also this chest pain that was so disturbing that I was billed for an x-ray examination that same day. Coincidentally, I was supposed to see Pastor Daniel that morning and before I got to his house, I had stooled for 4 times.

“When I told him what was happening to me, he told me that I didn’t need the x-ray again that I would be fine; and he offered me a plate of jollof rice telling me that after eating it, the stooling would stop. After eating the food, the stooling stopped immediately that for the rest of the day, I went to the toilet only to urinate, all the back and chest pain is gone without any x-ray or medication. I am doing great now. I return all the glory to God” – Mrs. Olubukola S.

Business Restoration

“My business partners in Turkey took my money and did not send my goods and there are 10 containers of them. I came to Pastor Daniel here and he kept praying for me telling me that there shall be no loss at all. As we were expecting something to happen, God opened another door for me there in Turkey with another company. They have started producing my goods on a better contract than the former company; and they have already shipped 10 containers of the goods to me.

“Meanwhile, the first company called me and apologized for withholding my money and goods for over 8 months. They told me that they have sent my goods. Now I have verified and confirmed that the goods were sent. Now, I am receiving 20 containers in all. I return all the glory to this God that answers prayers” – Bro. Angy O.

Manhood Restored

“I slept one night and dreamt of where a relation of mine was feeding me. I woke up in the morning and discovered that my manhood has swollen to over twice its normal size. It was very big and I was afraid because it wasn’t painful at all. I knew that something was wrong, so, I ran to Pastor Daniel in his office. He asked me to go and buy a bottle of anointing oil and Holy Communion materials, which I did. He blessed them and asked me to be taking the communion three times a day and also to be anointing the swollen manhood morning and night. I am here to return the glory to God because my manhood has returned to its normal size and I am totally free. Praise the Lord!” – Bro. Nnamdi E.

Business Breakthrough

“I am here to return all the glory to God because of what He has been doing for me. Ever since I started coming to this place, my business has turned around. I always finish my sales early. Things are now working for me. Praise the Lord!” ­– Mama Kingsley

Total Turnaround in Business

“I am here to return all the glory to God for what He has done for me in my business. I saw Pastor Daniel on the road and asked him to pray for my business and also for my daughter who has a sore on her leg that has defied medications. Pastor invited me to one of the programmes that would hold here the next day. Before now, I would sell all my goods yet I would neither see my money nor be able to account for it. After the programme, Pastor Daniel anointed my hands and prayed for me. That was it. Immediately I left that meeting, God’s favour hit me and someone gave me goods as much as I could sell and asked me to pay him after sales. Since that day till now, my business has taken a positive dimension. I can now see my capital as well as my profits. God has also healed my daughter’s leg. I return all the glory to God” – Mrs. Theresa O.

Kidney Stones and Strange Disease Destroyed

“Brethren, I would have been dead before now but God brought me back to life. I took ill at my place of work and I was taken to the company hospital. Several tests were run on me and the results showed that I had kidney stones. To make matters worse, I was always vomiting everything I ate because whatever I eat would visible gather at the left side of my stomach after which my whole system will begin to vibrate uncontrollable and I will vomit the whole food. This strange disease made me become afraid of eating even as I lay on the hospital bed.

I called Pastor Daniel from the hospital. He prayed for me and he told me that I will not die and he asked me to try and see him in his office as soon as possible. I got released from the hospital and I went to see Pastor Daniel. When I got there, he prayed for me, anointed me and gave me a shot of the anointing oil to drink. Immediately I drank the anointing oil, my whole digestive system began to vibrate and burn within me. He told me that it was the fire of the Holy Spirit at work in my stomach.

When everything calmed down, Pastor told me that I was already healed and to prove that, he would order for some food for me to eat and that I will not vomit it. Brethren, after eating the food, I didn’t vomit it. I went home and continued eating even heavy meals to the amazement of my wife. Now, I am free from that strange disease and the kidney stones have all dissolved. I return all the glory back to God” – Bro. Ugochukwu O.

Financial Harvest

“I sowed a financial seed towards the success of the June HOPEAssured Conference. Just before this HOPEAssured Conference, God really surprised me with over ten times of the financial seed I sowed. I return all the glory to God” – Bro. Theophilus E.

Free at Last

“Since I came to Lagos, I have been serving people in business but I don’t get settled by them to start my own business. This has continued until I met my present boss in business. We agreed that I would serve him for 5years but this is the seventh year yet I am not free.

“I woke up burdened about this and I called Pastor Daniel. He fasted and prayed with me for three days and when we came for the Workers’ Vigil last Friday, he led the whole workers to pray for my release. To the glory of God, On Sunday evening, my boss settled with me and released me to be on my own. Now, I am free at last. I return all the glory to God!” – Bro. Felix U.

Miracle Baby

“I want to thank God for the life of Pastor Daniel. I got married not too long ago but the fruit of the womb delayed a little bit in coming. One day, Pastor Daniel drove us to church and as he brought us home, he asked his wife and Blossom (his miracle son that God gave to them after 7years of marriage) to come down from the car that it is a prophetic visit to our home.

His son played round in our house moving from one room to another. After that, my wife took in and we can trace that pregnancy to that very day Jesus visited our home through His servant and his family. Now we have our son with us. To God alone be all the glory” – Pst. Henry O.

Miracle Baby Girl

“I want to return all the glory to the God of this Commission who visited me at Taberah. I have been married with my wife but we seemed to have a slight delay in the area of the fruit of the womb. This is strange to me. Meanwhile we were trusting God for my wife’s official transfer to Lagos. It was one of the things I asked God for at Taberah.

God answered me by His fire. My wife has since been transferred to Lagos and has joined me. God has also blessed us with a bouncing baby girl. I return all the glory to His name” – Bro. Mokobia K.

Business Breakthrough

“I want to give God thanks for what He did for me at the last Taberah. When Pastor Daniel said that if God does not answer our Taberah prayer points by fire that he will tear his Bible, I was a little bit scared.

“After Taberah that Sunday evening, God began to surprise me with breakthroughs. Firstly, I got an urgent call for supply of goods that returned great profit to me quickly. Secondly, a company that is indebted to our company for months paid us. Thirdly, God opened a door for me and granted me favour to buy a truck. Now we have a logistics arm of our business. I am here to return all the glory to God” – Bro. Muokwe K.

Divine Lifting

“I, my wife and my five children have lived in a one-room and parlour apartment for over 30 years. Our lives have not been bettered since we entered that apartment. Paying of the rent was also a big struggle. When we met God through Pastor Daniel, our lives took a positive turn after he led my whole family to Christ and we became serious with the things of God.

“The payment of our last rent was delayed and I met Pastor Daniel. He prayed for us and God blessed us with the money. We took the money to him as he directed us to do and he prayed over it decreeing that we will not spend the whole rent in that house before God will relocate us to a better apartment.

“Before our rent expired, our landlord served us a Quit Notice; but God already provided us with a new spacious 3-bedroom flat accommodation. God relocated us from that house before our rent expired and we left three months rent behind just as His servant decreed. I return all the glory to God” – Bro. Ezekiel E.

God Surprised Me

“I am a widow and I attended the June 2014 HOPEAssured Conference. After the conference, I met Pastor Daniel and told him how I don’t know the business to do and there was no capital to start anything. He held my hands and prayed for me and immediately I left there, I got a call from someone who promised to give me some money to start up a business. The woman asked me to send my bank account number; meanwhile she had asked for and received it about six times before without sending us any money.

“When I sent my bank account number after the prayers, she sent me some good amount of money. Now I have started my business and it is doing well to the glory of God. Praise the Lord” – Mrs. Beatrice M.

Special Favour

“I want to God give God thanks because He answers prayers here. Every time I attend the HOPEAssured programme or the Business Breakthrough Fellowship, I always receive great favour from God. The recent one that happened is that my Brother–in-Law who has not been taking care of me since my husband died came looking for me at my shop and gave me some huge amount of money. Praise the Lord” – Mrs. Ngozi O.

Instant Debt Recovery

“I want to thank this God that has promised to answer us instantly at the Night of Transfiguration. Some people owe me some money and my business is being affected as a result. I came here tonight with my Notebook containing the names of people owing me and I put it right under my seat.

As prayers were going on, my phone kept ringing. After the last prayer session, I decided to take the call outside the church. As I picked the call, lo and behold it is one of my debtors. She continued to beg me to please allow her to pay all the whole money on Monday. This must be God because this is an odd time for someone of her calibre to be calling me concerning this matter. This indeed is the handwork of God and I return all the glory to the God of this Commission” – Bro. Felix U.

Miracle Baby at Last

“I want to give thanks to the God of this great Commission. Last year, Pastor Daniel prayed for me before I relocated to the US that at this time, I will carry my own child and God answered my prayers.

I became pregnant and a lot went wrong in my system, but I made sure that I called Pastor weekly and he kept instructing me, “take your communion, anoint yourself and declare what you want over your baby.

I give God the glory. I had normal vaginal birth which was ruled out initially by the doctors; everything began to work and made all the doctors look stupid. I give the God of this Commission all the glory. He answers prayers with speed and honours His Word” – Sis. B. Salako.